Fox Life Expectancy

When I first learned that a fox life expectancy 3-6 years it baffled me.

One needs to remember that foxes that reach adulthood likely live longer than that, infant mortality is high and likely why average life expectancy is so low. In Australia they are a massive pest both ecologically and economically. I actually shoot foxes for a bunch of sheep farmers. They are interesting animals but damn they cause some serious damage.

It’s a harsh life for wild animals, you get hurt, or you get weak and a little slower for any reason, and there’s going to be a hungry predator that will be faster than you that will catch you and eat you. Harsh winters can be especially hard as food becomes scarce and everything starts to go hungry. There’s also the fact that with the exception of some birds the majority of animals are carnivores, at least where I live carnivorous species outnumber herbivores by more than 2 to 1, and when a carnivore gets hungry enough it doesn’t care what it’s usual food source is, it eats anything it can get.

Nevermind humans that can trap or shoot you no matter how healthy you are.

Man causes of death cited are:

  • Hit by a car
  • Culling ( humans killing foxes on purpose )
  • A parasitic infection called mange. The mites cause hair loss and terrible itching. Animals with no fur are cold and look for warmer, often more dangerous places (because of humans) to warm up. Also the itching results in scratching which results in wounds than can infect easily.

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