Where There Is Liquid Their Is Life

Water on Mars.

On Earth wherever there is liquid water there is life, and wherever there is no liquid water there is no life. Its a direct correlation water is the one thing that all life on this planet depends on.

Does that hold true on Mars? On Earth water = life. On Mars, water = life? Maybe.

Approximately 1.1 billion years ago Mars was a place with many similarities to our own planet, Earth. Earth at that time had a few forms of life, and plenty of elements.

At some stage a huge collision occurred on Mars, assumed to be an enormous meteorite, it glanced off Mars and made a heading to Earth. The remnants of this asteroid could well have formed the Moon, we’re still not sure about that one.

What did happen is that a whole different set of life forms were also dragged along from Mars to Earth, bacteria, DNA, ?, creating the building blocks of life as we see it today.

To realize that we originated on Mars keeps us hoping that we will find evidence of perhaps some earlier version of ourselves, or at least finding fossils of some description.

Finding water means living on Mars is another step closer, but also the discovery of life on Mars, past or present, is also a step closer.

That’s what I reckon anyway.

Obviously it does not mean there is life on Mars, but the one thing we know life (Earth life anyway) is absolutely dependent on, is also on Mars. It just makes it that much more possible that there really is alien life in our solar system.

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